Erdmännchen: Meister der Anpassung
Erdmännchen - Meister der Anpassung DVD


(translated to Meerkats: Masters of Adaption in english) is a 13 minute German documentary that aired in April, 2008. It's part of the 5th volume, out of 13, from the Daheim in der Wildnis (Home of the Wilderness) series. The documentary is available on DVD.


Erdmännchen: Meister der Anpassung looks into the life of meerkats living in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The documentary focuses on how meerkats use burrows to escape from predators and harsh weather conditions, and also how they hunt for food like swarms of locusts. The meerkats survive the dust, winds and heat of the desert and are rewarded with rains that bring forth a green paradise.



About Meerkats

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