Envy(VLM199) was born in October of 2012 into the Lazuli mob. His mother was either Hen(VLF144), Griene Tsiis(VLF158), or Merlino(VLF182). His father was an unknown roving male. He was born in a mixed litter of seven, his litter-mates being sisters Lust(VLF196), Gluttony(VLF200), Pride(VLF201), Sloth(VLF202), and brothers Wrath(VLM197) and Greed(VLM198). In November of 2012 the pups emerged for the first time, but sadly, in the December of 2012, his sister Pride was predated. Envy started to rove in March 2013 and went missing in April 2013. He was considered Last Seen as he failed to reappear by the end of the month.


Lazuli Mob

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