Elf(VEF0??) was born on January 16, 2000 in the Elveera Mob. Her mother was Bettik. and subordinate female and her father was a rover, and former dominant male of the Drie Doring, named Mad Max. Elf was born in a large litter of five pups, litter-mates were Goblin(VEM0??), Nereid(VE?0??), Imp(VEF036) and Sprite(VEM037). Elf and her litter survived through their first year without much event. Elf stayed in the Elveera for a year and a half. In mid- 2001, she was evicted by pregnant Eleusine with her mother Bettik.


The two females were soon joined by some Drie Doring males and formed the Zappa. Being older Bettik became the dominant female with Mack as the dominant male of the new group. Bettik started to produce litters. Elf mated with a rover in late 2001 and became pregnant. On Febuary 3, 2002 she gave birth to five pups nmaed Baspus, Lucy Liu, Maya, Mr. Ben and Pootle. This was Elf's only surviving litter ever and all five pups would reach adulthood. Elf remained in the Zappa a little longer helping out with the pups. Being the oldest subordinate female, she was the most likely target for eviction. Elf was evicted within the late few dasy of August 2002 when Bettik was pregnant. She attempted to rejoin the group several times however in early September she disappeared. Elf was Last Seen on September 4, 2002.


Elveera Mob

Zappa Mob

Bettik Elveera

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