Eleusine Elveera


Formerly of the Elveera
First Seen
November 21, 1996
Date of Death
December 9, 2005
Cause of Death
Snake bite
Known for
Dominant female of Elveera
Also Known As
Tenuvial's sister


Eleusine(VEF001) was born into the Phantom mob on an unknown date. She was first seen as a pup on November 21, 1996. Her parents and litter-mates were unknown. When they were first discovered, the Phantom were led by Eleusine's sister Tenuvial and a male named Ectorius. The group was split into two in 1996. The original half was eventually lost, but the other half were followed.


In December 1996, the splinter group was given the name Elveera. Tenuvial had established dominance of the group. Eleusine lived as a subordinate under Tenuvial for over four years. Then, in April 2001, Tenuvial died, and Eleusine became the new dominant female, alongside the dominant male Silks. In May 2001, she had her very first surviving litter. There were four pups in total. She quickly got pregnant again and gave birth to a single pup in July 2001. Before the year was over, Eleusine produced another litter. This time the litter was large; it included six pups in total. Not long after having her third litter, Eleusine was challenged for dominance by the other females in the group. However, she managed to maintain her position. She then evicted two females, Elf and Bettik, from the group. They went on to form the Zappa mob. At some point in 2001, the dominant male of the group Silks disappeared. Eleusine's nephew Dante became the next dominant male of the group. Even though they were related, the pair produced litters together. Throughout 2002, Eleusine had three more litters, adding up to fifteen pups altogether. The following year was difficult as many Elveera meerkats were predated or Last Seen. In early 2003, the Elveera had an encounter with the Zappa. One of the Zappa pups named Dr. Kimble was left behind. Instead of killing the pup, Eleusine accepted it into the group. Eleusine wasn't able to produce a litter again until December 2003. In February 2004, Eleusine had four more pups. A month later her daughter Sexy Scurrie gave birth to a pair of pups. They were Eleusine's first grandchildren born in the Elveera. Eleusine spared their lives. In November 2004, Eleusine gave birth to another litter; this time there were five pups all up. In February 2006, Eleusine gave birth to two more pups. A month later, she was pregnant again. She gave birth to her last litter in September 2005. Sadly, in December that year, Eleusine encountered a Cape cobra. She was bitten and sadly died on December 9, 2005. She would have been around nine years old when she died and had been the Elveera's dominant female for over four years. Eleusine's daughter Jo Jo Hello became the next dominant female of the Elveera.

Nigel Marven Meerkat Adventure

Eleusine collared

Eleusine as the dominant female.

Eleusine was featured in the 2003 documentary Nigel Marven Meerkat Adventure along with Dante, the rest of Elveera, the Moomins, and two meerkat groups outside the Kalahari Meerkat Project. At the time the Elveera were thirty-one members strong. Eleusine was around seven years old at the time and was wearing an old-fashion radio collar. She was seen grooming her subordinates, sunbathing in the morning light, and helping to mob a Cape cobra.


First litter born on May 4, 2001, fathered by an unknown male.

Leucoheaeus (VE?0??) Last Seen in March 2003

Mandrillus (VE?0??) Last Seen in March 2003

Sphinx (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2003

Zobus (VEM0??) Predated in September 2001

Second litter born in July 2001, fathered by an unknown male

Spartacus (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2004

Third litter born on October 18, 2001, fathered by an unknown male

France Man (VEM0??) Last Seen in November 2002

Kalahari Girl (VEF0??) Last Seen in October 2004
Eleusine and two other meerkats

Eleusine with two subordinates.

Kenya (VEF0??) Last Seen in October 2003

Muljane (VEM0??) Last Seen in October 2004

Sexy Scurrie (VEF0??) Deceased, died of TB in September 2006, helped found the Nomads

Rwenzori (VEF0??) Last Seen in October 2004

Fourth litter born on January 4, 2002, fathered by an unknown male

Karinijiong (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2003

Kikuyu (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2004

Masaai (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2003

Samburu (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2004

Wanderobo (VE?0??) Last Seen in October 2003

Fifth litter born on September 6, 2002, fathered by an unknown male

Udzungwa (VE?0??) Predated on October 31, 2002. 
Eleusine grooming a subordinate

Eleusine grooming.

Uluguru (VE?0??) Last Seen in November 2004

Usambara (VE?0??) Last Seen in November 2004

Taita (VE?0??) Died of unknown cause in May 2003

Sixth litter born on November 24, 2002, fathered by Dante

Flo Jo (VE?07?) Last Seen in February 2004

Mojo (VEF07?) Last Seen in December 2004

Cotton Eye Joe (VEF07?) Last Seen in February 2004

Jo Jo Hello (VEF079) Deceased, died of TB in June 2009, former dominant female of Elveera

Von Homblot aka The Baron (VEM080) Predated in July 2003

Seventh litter born on December 9, 2003, fathered by an unknown male

Pyro (VEM086) Predated in January 2004

Billabong (VEM0??) Last Seen in January 2005

Calvin (VEM0??) Last Seen in January 2006

Hobbes (VEF0??) Predated in March 2004

Mellow Marsh (VEM09?) Last Seen in January 2006

Eighth litter born on February 24, 2004, fathered by an unknown male

Dangermouse (VEM09?) Last Seen in January 2006

Airwolf (VEM09?) Last Seen in January 2006
Eleusine and unknown meerkats

Eleusine (collared) sunbathing

Knightrider (VEM09?) Last Seen in January 2006

The Brain (VEM09?) Last Seen in January 2006

'Nineth litter born on November 28, 2004, 'fathered by an unknown male

Homer (VEM101) Last Seen in June 2006

Marge (VEF102) Predated in October 2005

Chatouilleux (VE?103) Last Seen in February 2006

Chocolatine (VEF104) Last Seen in November 2007

Ciayak (VE?105) Last Seen in February 2006

'Tenth litter born on February 16, 2005, fathered by an unknown male'

George (VEF106) Last Seen in November 2007

Sid (VEM107) Last Seen in February 2006

Eleventh litter born on September 6, 2005, fathered by an unknown male

Ash (VEM108) Last Seen in 2009, was a member of Chuckle Bros and one of the last surviving Elveera meerkats

Jones (VEM109) Last Seen in February 2006

Lambert (VEF110) Last Seen in March 2008, had two surviving pups.

Parker (VEF111) Last Seen in November 2007

Riley (VEM112) Last Seen in February 2006


Elveera Mob

Dante Elveera

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

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