was born in November 8, 2002 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Flower and his father was Zaphod, the dominant male at the time. Einstein was born in an average litter of four pups. He had three litter-mates, one sister named Mozart(VWF053) and two brothers named Freud(VWM055) and Shakespeare(VWM054). They were Flower's second surviving litter ever. All pups in his litter survived to adulthood without much event. He began to rove with the other males in the group. Einstien was still in the Whiskers when Meerkat Manor first started to be filmed, however he soon left the Whiskers along with his his uncle Alexander in October 2004. So the role of Einstein was played by his younger brother Logan.

Young Ones

The two rovers came across the the Young Ones Mob which had lost most of their males to roving. The group accepted the new males into the group. Being the younger of the two males at the ages of two, Einstein did not challange his uncle for dominance. Alexander took male dominance beside the dominant female Asterix. Einstein stayed in the mob and never challanged his uncle for dominance. Einstien stayed in the Young Ones for two yeas before he either was Last Seen or died on February 27, 2006. 


Whiskers Mob

Young Ones Mob

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