Egbert(VJX027) was born on August 18, 2010, into the JaXX Mob. His mother was Diana, the dominant female of the JaXX, and his father was an unknown rover from another group. Egbert was born with three litter-mates brothers: VJXM028, Nozza(VJXM029), and Franipoo(VJXM030). The four brothers survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adults. In October, VJXM028 was sadly predated, but Egbert and his two remaining brothers survived to five months of age. Tragically, Franipoo was predated in the March of 2011. In June of the same year, Egbert and Nozza went roving for the first time at the age of ten months. In the August of 2011, Diana gave birth to a new litter; now one-year-old, Egbert began to take on babysitting duties, as well as becoming a more advanced sentinel. Egbert did not go roving again until December, 2011, since he was assisting in looking after his new siblings. The JaXX male went roving quite frequently afterwards, and after the July of 2012, he was counted as roving each month. He was Last Seen in the February of 2013.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

Nozza JaXX

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