Ectorius(VPM003) was a wild male First Seen in the Phantom Mob in 1994. He had already established dominance along side a female named Tenuvial. Togather they led the Phantom and had a few litters however the Phantom was a small mob and most of the litters were lost to rival gangs or predation. In 1994, the Phantom experienced a group split in which Tenuvial and several members were seperated and lost. Another females established dominance however this female may have been Ectorius' daughter because he started to take to roving soon after. Ectorius remained the dominant male till he left the grop in 1995. By chance Ectorius came across Tenuvial's lost splinter group and joined up with them.


The splinter group became known as the Elveera. Tenuvial and Ectoruis became the dominant pair again. Ectorius however didn't remain the dominant male for long and soon died in 1995. Soon after two males, a Vivian male and a Drie Doring male, joined the Elveera, Silks became the dominant male after him. Some of Ectorius' children left to disperse to wild group. His son Phoenix fathered a litter in the Vivian Mob. The pups included RapunzelZaphod and Yossarian; making Ectorius the grandfather of many of the famous Whiskers meerkats as well as the ancestor of many other mobs.


Phantom Mob

Elveera Mob

Tenuvial Phantom

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