Dr. Kimble(VZZF015) was born February 16, 2003 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was Bettik and her father was Mack. She was born in a litter of four pups, her litter-mates were Asjas(VZZ?016), Bilksem(VZZM017), Windgat(VZZF018). The litter survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Dr. Kimble however didn't stayed in the Zappa for long.


After an encounter with the Elveera, Widngat was seperated from the Zappa and surpisenly adopted into the Elveera, her mothers former mob. The dominant female at the time was Eleusine, Bettik's aunt, who had no pups of her own at the time. Dr. Kimble survived in the Elveera even if she was born in a rival mob. At some point after she reached adulthood, Dr. Kimble was evicted with two other females. The three evicted females did not rejoin the Elveera and disappeared in October 2004. However Dr. Kimble was not lost and the three females would not be seen for six months.


The three evicted females reappeared in March 2005 with a Drie Doring male, a Frisky male and nine offsprings. The new group was followed and called the Nomads Mob. Dr. Kimle was the youngest of the females ss she mostly likely didn't take dominance. She probably took the role of a subordinate female and helped care for the pups. The group established well but then the Nomads began having frequent and violent encounters with a wild group. It is unknown what exactly happen to Dr. Kimble. She probably was evicted by the dominant female and Last Seen or she was predated by a predator. She disappeared before disease hit the group hard in mid 2006, so that most probably was not her fate. The Nomabs were lost in late 2006 due to disease while Dr. Kimble disappeared on November 26, 2005.


Zappa Mob

Elveera Mob

Nomads Mob

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