Donatello Moomins

Donatello Moomins

Wild and Moomins
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Date of Birth
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Date of Death
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Cause of Death
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Known For
One of the 4 wild males who joined the Moomins group of 6 females.
Also Known As
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Donatello(VMMM043) was a wild meerkat. He left his wild group along with three other males Leonardo(VMMM042), Michalangelo(VMMM045), and Rafael(VMMM044). They coalition migrated into the Moomins group. Donatello and his immigrant males fought for dominance after the death of the Moomins former dominant male , Burgan. Leonardo won dominant male next to the new Moomins dominant female, Hemulen, after the disposal of her mother, former Moomins dominant female , Grumpy. Although Leonardo has settled as dominant male, with all four adult males evenly matched, the dominant male position has not yet been entirely stablelised as of current. Donatello did not gain male dominance over Leonardo and died in May 2009 from either fight wounds, disease or predation.


  • November 2007, Donatello, Leonardo, Rafael and Michalangelo joined the Moomins Mob
  • January 2008, Frida gives birth to 3 pups, Sexi Plexi, Bubble Toes and Elion. Little My and Houdini( a male from the Hoax who joined the group before the four wild males) disappear.
  • August 2008,Grumpy gives birth to 4 pups, all are killed.
  • November 2008,Frida gives birth to 5 pups, McGirkey, Whitson, Beezlle, Grubby and Lydia Teapot.
  • January 2009,Grumpy gives, her litter didn't survive.
  • February 2009,Hemulen was pregnant but lost her litter. Regopstaan and Sexi Plexi were pregnant
  • March 2009, Frida and Misable aborted their litters. Sexi Plexi and Regopstaan also soon aborted. Frida was pregnant again, so was her mother Grumpy.
  • April 2009, soon after Grumpy gave birth, her daughter Hemulen deposed her and took over as dominant female. Grumpy was pregnant and gave birth again. Donatello fights for dominant male position with the other males. He loses dominance and is wounded.
  • May 2009, Grumpy gave birth to 6 pups, all survived. It was her last litter before she died. Donatello died from disease or predation.

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