Domino(VVM064) was born on November 9, 2000 in the Vivian Mob. His mother was the dominant female, Rhian however his father remains unknown, most likely a rover from a nearby mob. His litter mates were Kat (VVF060), Nourane (VVM061), Deejay (VVM062) and Tyson(VVM063). The Vivian were a good sized mob at the time so, Domino and his litter mates were well cared for and were able to survive through their first months. A large group of Young Ones males joined the Vivian when Domino was eleven months old, but due to his young age, Domino was allowed to stay in the group. Domino survived to adulthood and soon became one of the oldest Vivian born males in the group. His brother Deejay left to form the Gattaca Mob in November 2001. Deejay on the other hand stayed in the Vivian for just over two years. Domino took to roving and was Last Seen in February 7, 2003.


Vivian Mob

Rhian Vivian

Deejay Vivian

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