Digger (Little Boy)

Yes, formerly of Kwang
Date of Birth
Date of Death
April 23, 1994
Cause of Death
Last Seen
KF002 and possibly KF001
Possibly KF004 and KM006
Known For
Also Known As
Little Boy

Digger(KM002), also known as Little Boy, was First Seen in the Kwang Mob in February 1993. He was an adult male at the time so his date of birth could not be estimated. His parents were unknown meerkats and it's not known if he had any littermates. At the time his group consisted of only him, the dominant female KF001, the dominant male KM001, and a subordinate adult male KM003. The group struggled to survive as the family failed to successfully raise any pups. In September 1993, KM001 and KM003 were Last Seen. Digger became the next dominant male of the group. In late October KF001 disappeared, leaving Digger as the sole survivor. A month later he was joined by three wild meerkats including two females and a single male, Scarface. One of the females, KF002, became the dominant female. In January 1994 she gave birth to five pups, but only KF004 and KM006 survived. Sadly on the 23rd of April 1994 Digger disappeared and was Last Seen. Scarface became the next dominant male, but the Kwang were lost in November 2005.

A Meerkat Family Saga

Little Boy (Digger)


Digger played as the main character in the 1997 documentary A Meerkat Family Saga. The documentary was mostly filmed in 1994 during the harsh drought. Though the Kwang group was primarily used to portray the main family, other mobs including a 'wild' group were also filmed. Two versions of the documentary were released: in one version Digger went by his real name and other Kwang members were given names. In the other version Digger was called Little Boy and his family members were not given names. The other members of the Kwang mob were referred to as Digger's parents or siblings, even though in reality his relation to them was not known. In the documentary a fire struck near Digger's home burrow, forcing his family to move burrows. Digger's sister Ginger was bitten by a jackal mother and later died. After moving again, Digger's pregnant mother gave birth to four pups but they died from a flood. In spite of Digger's attempts to renew the den, his mother moved the group on again. Digger's father was then predated by a jackal and mother was lost to a martial eagle, leaving only Digger and Grace behind. Grace eventually died of starvation, leaving Digger all alone. Digger is later accepted into a rival group led by Scarface and becomes mates with a young female.


A Meerkat Family Saga

Scarface Kwang

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