was born in the Pandora on February 10, 2012. Her mother was Toblerone and her father was probably a rover from another group. She had two litter-mates VPAP001 and Lutin(VPAM002) They were the first surviving litter born in the Pandora. They were a small group and had not been able to raise any previous litters. Toblerone had recently deposed Diablotin's aunt Snowflake and became the dominant female. The dominant male was Pepper, however Toblerone was already pregnant when she overthrew Snowflake so he may have not been Diablotin's father. All three pups made it through their first month. In March a new litter of five pups was born to the two subordinate females. Now, the Pandora had a total of eight pups however the small group couldn't care for so many pups. VPAP001 was soon predated along with all of the new pups. Diablotin and Lutin survived the next two months. Lutin was predated in May 2012, leaving Diablotin as the last survivor of her litter. As the only pup left in the group, Diablotin waswell cared for since she was the dominant female's pup. Diablotin made it to be a subadult. Not long after tthis, Dailbotin was sadly predated in August 2012.


Pandora Mob

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