(VKUM021) was born on March 30, 2009 in the Kung Fu Mob. His mother was Kleintjie(VGGF014) and his father was Ningaloo(VWM085). He was born with three litter-mates; one brother named Denmark(VKUM023) and two sisters named Wales(VKUF022) and Martini(VKUF020) The Kung Fu was a good size group at the time so all four pups made it to adulthood.

In February 2011 Dexter and his brother, Denmark, went roving for the first time, along with two other males. In March, 2011, Dexter's sister Martini was Last Seen and the brothers went roving again, this time with three other males. In April Dexter's other sister, Wales, was Last Seen.

Dexter was the next of the litter to disappear. In May, 2011, he was Last Seen. It is believed he left the group to continue life as a rover, leaving his brother, Denmark, as the remaining survivor of the litter.


Kung Fu Mob

Denmark Kung Fu

Kleintjie Gattaca

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