Dennis Wise(VWM014) was born on July 14, 1999 in the Whiskers group. His mother was Holly and Argon was his father. His three litter-mates were his brother one VWM013 who died as a pup, and his two sisters named Vialli(VWF012) and Zola(VWF011). They were Holly's first litter-ever born in the Whiskers. His mother was the dominant female and his father was the dominant male. The Whiskers were a small group at the time but Dennis Wise and his two sisters managed to survived to adulthood. At a year of age, Dennis Wise started babysitting and taking sentry duties for his family. He soon started to rove with his uncle Delpheus and his older cousins. Sadly his mother died on September 19, 2000 and his older cousin Risca became the dominant female He soon left the Whiskers at the age of two with Beetle, Athos, Porthos, Tama, Rangi, Orgali, Hazel , Thumper and Montgomery. During their time away, a large group of Vivian males had taken residence in the Whiskers.


The ten males returned and ran into two evicted Whiskers female to form the Hobgoblin Mob. The two females were his litter-mate sister Zola and younger sister Aramis. Zolo became the dominant female with Beatle, however the dominant pair did not produc a litter, since they were from the same group. The males soon started to rove and left the group and were replaced by Balrog males. He was the second eldest of the males so if they joined wild females, he may have not been the dominant male. However he may have roved off and joined another froup. It is unknown what happen to him and the other males. Dennis Wise was Last Seen on September 1, 2001.


Whiskers Mob

Hobgoblin Mob

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