Delilah Gosa

Delilah Gosa

Date of Birth
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Possibly Cleopatra and Gandalf
Known For
subordinate female of Gosa
Also Known As
No information

Delilah was First Seen in the Gosa Mob as an adult surbordinate female. Delilah was pregnant around the same time as her older sister Cleopatra who was the dominant female of the group. Sadly Cleo abandoned her pups immediately after they were born, suggesting that they were still-born. The occurence caused instability in the Gosa, resulting in Delilah leaving and taking three subordinate males with her. However, the separated parties reunited to try and confront a rival gang called Jaco's Dune. Their attack unfortunately failed. Pregnant Delilah eventually gave birth to her pups, but Cleo killed them. After this, Delilah caused the Gosa to split a second time. One of the subordinate males who joined her, Brutus, attempted to mate with her but Delilah refused him. After Cleo was bitten by a cape cobra Delilah and her half of the Gosa rejoined the main group. However, Delilah did not attempt to overthrow Cleo in spite of her injuries. In July 2012 the Gosa's dominant male Gandalf disappared and a new wild male named Malaki joined the group and became the new dominant male. Cleopatra soon had a new litter, this time her pups survived. Delilah helped with the pups by babysitting and teaching them how to survived in the wild. In November 2012, Delilah was bitten by a snake, possibly a puff adder. She managed to recover thanks to the support of her mob. Around that same time, Malaki was bitten by a puff adder but did not survive. Brutus became the dominant male. However, in May 2013 Gandalf rejoined the Gosa and, a month later, overthrew Brutus. Delihah is still alive and living in the Gosa Mob today.


Gosa Mob

Kalahari Meerkats

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