DeeJay(VVM063) was born in the Vivian Mob on November 9, 2000. His mother was the dominant female Rhian however his father remains unknown, most likely a rover from a nearby mob. His litter-mates were Kat(VVF060), Nourane (VVM061), Domino(VVM062) and Tyson(VVM063). When Deejay was around ten months old a large group of Young Ones males joined the group. Most of the adult males left the group. When DeeJay reached his first birthday he started to rove and left the group with his older brother Vervain. The two rovers met up with thier uncle Izit, former dominant male of the Vivian. With him were two Whiskers. The males stayed with the females and estabished a new group.  

Izit and Deejay

Izit and DeeJay


The new group was called the Gattaca. The younger female named Wahine won dominance and DeeJay was seen sent marking and acting like a dominant male despite being the youngest of the males. However his reign was short live beause soon Izit ousted him and took dominance. Wahine gave birth to four pups, the father most probably wasn't Deejay or any of the Vivian males, as she was evicted pregnant from her original mob. In February DeeJay's father Stinker joined the group, he was the former dominant male of the Vivian and Izit and Rhian's father. He was accepted into the group and quickly dethroned his son Izit. That same month Wahine died and the last Whisker female Risca took dominance. DeeJay took to roving with the very few pups in the group but remained with the Gattaca for about two year. DeeJay disappeared after taking to roving along with Vervain, BuckBeak and Severus Snape and was Last Seen on October 5, 2003. 


Vivian Mob

Gattaca Mob

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