Darwin Aztecs

Darwin Aztecs

Date of Birth
August 17, 2008
Date of Death
November 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Monkulus and Unknown rover
Known For
Aztec Rover
Also Known As
Hells Angels Founder


Darwin(VAZM006) was born on August 17, 2008 into the Aztecs. His mother was Monkulus and his father is believed to be a rover, most likely Bruce who appeared at the mob a few months before. Darwin’s litter-mates were Dali(VAZM005), Mimi(VAZF007) and Moliere(VAZM008). At the time of Darwin's birth, the dominant male of the Aztecs was Zaphod, Monkulus' uncle. Soon Monkulus started to show signs of being pregnant and gave birth to three pups in November. Darwin's puphood came to an end at the age of three months. With the new pups in the mob, Darwin was expected to fend for him so most of the focus could go towards the new pups. Darwin was too young to help out with the new pups or the litter that followed in May 2009. Darwin grew fast with his siblings and they all survived to adulthood. In September 2009 a month after Darwin's first birthday, Monkulus gave birth to a new litter. Darwin was now old enough to help out with the pups. Darwin took to roving like most young adult male meerkats. In 2010 Darwin started to go roving more often with his brother Dali and  uncle Alonzo Mourning. He was mor eoften seen roving at the Baobab, Sequoia, Nequoia and Van Helsing, however few subordinate litters survived so it is unknown if Darwin fathered any pups. When not roving Darwin was seen helping to babysit his mother's pups and was often seen helping care for the pups and keeping sentry. Darwin lived in ther Atzces for two years.

Hells Angels

Zaphod and Darwin

Zaphod and Darwin

In November 2010 Darwin left the Aztecs together with his oldr brothers Piglet and Marmite and joined two wild meerkats. The new group was located and called the Hells Angels. Being the youngest male, Darwin probably didn't become the dominant male or even compete. The gender of the other wild meerkats was never know, however they were most likely females. The two wild meerkats shown signs of disease so the group was no longer followed. The Hell Angels were considered Last Seen by the end of the month leaving Darwin's fate unknown.


Mather: Monkulus

Father: Unknown

Sister: Mimi

Brothers: Dali and Moliere


Aztecs Mob

Hells Angels Mob

Alonzo Mourning Whiskers

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