Darigaaz in 2011

Darigaaz The Igniter
(VWM162) was born in the Whiskers Mob on January 17, 2011. His mother was Ella, the dominant female at the time, and his father was Thundercat, the dominant male. He was born with four litter-mates: Three brothers named Crosis The Purger(VWM163), Dromar The Banisher(VWM165), Big Pimpin'(VWM166) and one sister named Rith The Awakener(VWM164). All five pups survived their first month and started to forage with the adults. Darigaaz was three months old when Ella had her next and last litter, and Darigaaz could care for himself by then. However, he was still too young to help his mother with her new pups. When Darigaaz was six months old, Ella lost dominance to Oriole, Darigaaz's older half sister. However, she was soon ousted by her sister Enili. In December 2011, Dromar The Banisher was hit by a car on the main road. Darigaaz and his remaining litter-mates soon reached their first birthday and were fully grown. Darigaaz started to rove with the older males. His brother Crosis went roving with his older brother Ivoj Nob in October 2012 and disappeared, and Darigaaz soon followed suit; he was reported as Last Seen in December of 2012.


Whiskers Mob

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