Daquari(VRRF153) was born in the Rascals in Janaury 2012. Her mother was Sancerre, the dominant female of the Rascals, and her father was most likely Grus, the dominant male. Daquari was born in an average litter of four pups; her litter-mates were her one brother Mojito(VRRM150) and two sisters Bellini(VRRF151) and Lorna(VRRF152). All four pups survived their first few months. There were no pups born in the Rascals for nearly eight months, till finally Sancerre gave birth in September. Strangely Mojito went roving that same month with the older males. Daquari and her litter-mates were too young to help their mother much with the new pups. Sadly, the following month, Grus died of old age. In November 2013, Daquari was evicted and absent.  Sadly in December 2013, Daquari was considered Last Seen. 


Rascals Mob

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