Dante Elveera


Formerly of the Elveera Mob
Date of Birth
August 2, 1999
Date of Death
January 13, 2006
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Taking his aunt as his mate
Also Known For
Dominant Male of Elveera

Dante(VEM085) was born on August 2, 1999, into the Elveera family. His mother was Tenuvial, the dominant female of the group, and his father was Silks, the dominant male. His litter-mates remain unknown, but Dante himself survived to adulthood. After Tenuvial and Silks were lost, Dante became the dominant male beside his aunt Eleusine, who had taken over as the new dominant female. The two started to produce litters despite the fact that they were related. Under their leadership, the Elveera grew to be one of the biggest and strongest groups around with Dante and Eleusine's many several successful litters. Some of his sons and daughters would later take dominance in other groups. The two of them were the dominant pair for four years until tragedy struck when nine-years-old Eleusine died on December 9, 2005, from a cape cobra. Dante was left without a breeding mate. Since all the females in the group, including the new leader Jo Jo Hello, were his daughters or closely related to him, Dante started to rove and left the study site. He took a group of his sons, which consisted of Pyro, Knightrider, Dangermouse, Ariwolf, The Brain, and Mellow Marsh, as well as grandson Penfold, on a roving expedition and disappeared in early 2006. Dante was Last Seen on January 13, 2006.

Nigel Marven Meerkat Adventure

Dante with the callor

Dante, radio collared, among his family.

Dante, as well as Eleusine, premiered on a TV documentary called Nigel Marven Meerkat Adventure. He was seen as the protective dominate male of the Elveera group. The show was shot in 2003 when Nigel spent a few days with the meerkats of the KMP. Other meerkats who starred on the show were Grumpy, who played as "Greedy" on the show, a female named Charlie Marijuana (who is not from the KMP), and several of the meerkat experts.


Elveera Mob

Tenuvial Phantom

Silks Vivian

Eleusine Elveera

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

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