Damian(VDM116) was born on February 3, 2007 in the Drie Doring. His mother was Makonkie and his father was Osprey. There were four pups in the litter which included VDP117, VDP118 and VDP119. Sadly the other three pups died leaving Damian as the only survivor. Sadly his father died in April 2007 when he was just two months old. Damian's uncle Piripicchio took over as the dominant male. Makonkie kept producing litters by mating with roving males. In December 2007 Makonie gave birth to Trinity, Tekla, Nikita and Buddah but she evicted Clarabella, Mollybloom and Dark Rosaleen from the group and they dispersed. Damian reach his first birthday and started to babysit, keep senrty and rove like all young males. He remained in the group some time longer. Damian's older brother Thor over threw Finn MacCool and took dominance. Makonkie died in October 2008 and Mist, Damian's older sister, took over as new the dominant female. That same month Damian went roving with his older brother Loki and disappeared. It is unknown what happen to them. Damian was considered Last Seen in October 2008.


Mother: Makonkie

Father: Osprey

Silbigns: VDP117, VDP118 and VDP119

Gandmothers: Mabili and Ziziphus

Grandfathers: Unknown Wild Male and Belgarion

Great Grandmother: Venus


Drie Doring Mob

Makonkie Drie Doring

Osprey Lazuli

Loki Drie Doring

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