Dali Aztecs

Dali Aztecs VAZM005

Formerly of the Sequoia and Nequoia
Date of Birth
August 17, 2008
Date of Death
May 29, 2013
Cause of Death
Monlukus and unknown rover
Known For
Dominant male of the Kung Fu splinter and Sequoia
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Nequoia


Dali(VAZM005) was born into the Aztecs on August 17, 2008. His mother was Monkulus and his father was most likely Bruce. He had three littermates, and they were his sister Mimi(VAZF007) and two brothers Darwin(VAZM006) and Moliere(VAZM008). He and his littermates survived to adulthood. As a full-grown adult male he started to take to roving along brothers and uncle Alonzo Mourning. Dali started babysitting his mother's pups and taking sentry duties. In late 2010 a lot of changes caused Dali to become one of the oldest males; Alonzo Mourning, Marmite, Piglet, and Darwin left the group. His sister Mimi was evicted along with a few other females and left the group. Zaphod sadly died in March 2011, and Moliere became the dominant male, making Dali the oldest of the subordinate males. In October 2011 Dali went roving with his younger brothers, Chaka and Che Che and joined a Kung Fu splinter led by the dominant female Kleintjie. He was seen mating with her and acting as the dominant male since Ningaloo was absent; however, the splinter group soon rejoined the rest of the Kung Fu. The males chased off the Aztecs males, who were forced to return to to the Aztecs. Klentije became pregnant, but the father of the litter was unknown. Dali stayed in the Aztecs for a little longer before he and his younger brother Chaka left the group in June 2012.


Dali Luna Rhea

Dali, Luna, and Rhea.

They soon came across the nearby Sequoia. A recent group split had left the mob with only four members, which made it very easy for Dali and Chaka to join. Being the oldest male, Dali easily took dominance beside new dominant female RU. His reign was short-lived; in July the Sequoia males rejoined the group, including the former dominant male Bruce. Dali and Chaka were once again kicked out of the group by the returning Sequoia males, forcing them to rejoin the Aztecs.


Dali didn't stay long in the Aztecs and within the same month he rejoined the Aztecs, he soon went roving again this time with Cameron at the Nequoia. The males were away roving so the two Aztecs males made their way into the group. There he established dominance beside Kaluha, the dominant female. In November, Chaka joined the group, however he remained subordinate to Dali. In December, Cameron and a subordinate female named Luna died from disease. Within that same month, Kaluha gave birth to a litter possibly fathered by Dali, however two of the three pups died in January. In March, Chaka disappeared, leaving Dali as the only adult male within the group. Dali remained the dominant male for the next two months until he died of disease on May 29, 2013.


Aztecs Mob

Nequoia Mob

Alonzo Mourning Whiskers

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