Crumpet(VJXXM042) was born on Febaury 7, 2011, in the JaXX. His mother was the dominant female Diana, and his father was an unknown rover, possibly Paymister or Superman of the Toyota. Crumplet was born with three sisters: Fidget(VJXF038), Liipshin(VJXF039), and Hunky Doreen(VJXM041); and three brothers: Mongo(VJXM036), Space Raoull Esq.(VJXM037), and Farquin(VJXM040). There were seven pups in total, and all seven pups survived their first three months. Sadly, Hunky Doreen was predated in May, while Fidget was predated in June. Crumpet and his remaining brothers and sister survived through their first year. Crumpet's brothers Farquin and Space Rauoll Eps. started to rove early, while Crumpet and Mongo were the last of the brothers to start roving. Crumpet first went roving in July 2012. Crumpet was Last Seen in July 2013.


JaXX Mob

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