Crochet Frisky


Date of Birth
December 8, 2007
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Last Seen
VFM167, VFM168, VFF170 and VFF171
Known For
Quaver's sister
Also Known As
No information

Crochet(VFF137) was born in December 8, 2007 in the Frisky Mob. Her mother was Bootle(VFF121) and her father was Gazebo. She was born along with her one litter-mate brother Allegro(VFM136) and two sister Quaver(VFF138) and Dolce(VFF139). By next moth in January 2008 Rave On and Chorley disappeared after being evicted from the group. Crochet and her silbings survived to a year of age and started help out around the group. Crochet started helping her mother with her new pups. By then Crochet and her sisters were the oldest subordinates females under their mother. Allegro started roving while Bootle started evicting Crochet and her two sisters. In early 2009 Allegro and Dolce left the group and were Last Seen. Crochet and Quaver stayed in the Frisky another year. Then in February 2010 Crochet's mother Bootle died leaving the dominant female position open. Quaver started acting as the new dominant female and Crochet gave her no competions so Quaver asumed the position. Quaver and Crochet were both pregnant after mating with Drie Doring males. Crochet gave birth to VFM167, VFM168, VFF170 and VFF171 on March 2010. Being the oldest subordinate female, Crochet was usually the first to be evicted by her litter-mate sister when ever she was pregnant. Crochet was Quaver's biggest rival in the Frisky but Crochet managed to stay on her sister's good side and remained in the Frisky for another year. In late 2010 there were the first signs of disease, but Crochet seemed to have survived. When Quaver got pregnant she evicted Crochet along with her two younger sister Pachamanca and Shiraz. The females disappeared and may have joined some rovers. Crochet being the old may have taken dominance. Crochet was Last Seen in early 2011.


Mother: Bootle


Crochet preening

Father: Gazebo

Sisters: Quaver and Dolce

Brother: Allegro

Mate: Unknown

Children: VFM167, VFM168, VFM170 and VFF171


Frisky Mob

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