was born in February 19, 2010 in the Kung Fu Mob. Her mother was Kleintjie the dominant female and her father was dominant male Ningaloo. Crescendo was born with one litter-mate brother named Decresendo(VKUM035). The two pups were born during the rainy season and food was plentiful. The Kung Fu were one of the largest mobs around with many babysitters to look after the pups. Crescendo and her brother survived their first few months. They were the only pups for the next five months. In June their mother started to show signs of pregnacy and gave birth to a new litter in August. Crescendo and her brother were no longer the youngest members of the group, however by then they were six months old, old enough to fend for themselves. Both Crecendo and her beother survived to adulthood. In February 2011 Crescendo was pregnant for the first time, however she was evicted from the group, and aborted her litter. In July the Kung Fu suffered a group split, Crescendo was with the splinter and was absent. In August all the splinter group members including Crescendo rejoined the Kung Fu the following month. From September 2011 onwards she became a regular target for Kleinntjie's agression and was evicted many times. Crescendo was eventually Last Seen in March 2012 after she was evicted.


Kung Fu Mob

Decresendo Kung Fu

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