(VFM173) was born into the Frisky on August 26, 2010. His mother was the dominant female Quaver and his father was an unknown rover, maybe from the Drie Doring. Crane was born into a litter of three, his litter-mate were Teapot(VFF172) and VFP174. The Frisky were a good sized mob at that time, so Crane and his litter were well looked after. When the pups first started foraging in September 2010, Crane's sibling VFP174 was predated. When Crane was five month old, Quaver gave birth to a new litter. By then, Crane was able to care for himself. The Frisky's number began to drop at this time due to evictions, roving and disease. However, Teapot and Crane did not get infected. In June 2011, a group of Drie Doring males joined the group. One of them might have been Crane's father. The oldest of the males named Falco became the new dominant male. Crane and Teapot made it to their first birthday. At this point, Crane started roving with the older males. In June 2012 Quaver died of TB leaving Crane's aunt Muscat as the dominant female. Crane continued to rove and help with the pups. In November 2012, Crane went roving and wasn't present in the mob when two Kung Fu females and overthrew Muscat after she evicted all the adult females including Teapot. Crane and most of the members were absent by the end of 2012. Crane was Last Seen in November 2012.


Frisky Mob

Quaver Frisky

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