was born on February 15, 2012 in the Drie Doring. Her mother was Mist and her father was an unknown rover. She was born with two litter-mates, one brother named Tiger(VDM161) and one sister named Patch(VDF162) who had been born with an unusual dark patch over her face. In the same month Cookiecutter was born, her older brother, a ginger colored meerkat named Lucifer, had disappeared after he had gone roving. Even though the Drie Doring was a small mob all three pups survived to adulthood. In June 2013, Cookiecutter mated with a rover and fell pregnent, but she aborted her litter. In January 2014 the group split up. Cookiecutter was among the nine meerkats who disappeared, but they all returned the next month. After rejoining the group Cookiecutter showed signs of being pregnant. She gave birth in March 2014 but her litter was killed by either Mist or Patch, who were both pregnant themselves. In May 2014 Cookiecutter was evicted for the first time, but managed to rejoin the group. She and Patch were evicted in July 2014. The sisters joined up with three wild males and formed a new mob in August 2014.


The new group was called GenghisKhats. Patch became the dominant female while Cookiecutter took a subordinate role. Male dominance was eventually taken up by a wild male. Both Patch and Cookiecutter were pregnant in September 2014, but Patch lost her litter. Cookiecutter gave birth in November 2014 to Leo, Noah, Will and Elliot. In January 2015 Cookiecutter was pregnant again. Around that time her son Will disappeared. A month later Cookiecutter aborted. In March 2015 Cookiecutter's daughter Elliot was evicted and Last Seen. Cookiecutter fell pregnant not long after this but once again aborted her litter. In June 2015 Cookiecutter was evicted from the group and was sadly found dead.


Drie Doring Mob

Lucifer Drie Doring

Patch Drie Doring

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