Cookie(VWM056) was born in the Whiskers on January 24, 2003. His mother was the dominant female Flower but his father was not Zaphod or Yossarian, but a rover named Mr. Wendell from the Gattaca. He was roving around the Whiskers and managed to mate mated with Flower. Zaphod and Yossarian were fighting for dominance and weren’t watching Flower. Cookie’s litter-mates were Pookie(VWM057) and Sookie(VWF058). Cookie and his two brothers were Flower's third surviving litter ever. When the pups were only two months old, on March 6, 2003 Sookie was predated by a goshawk. Then only a few weeks later on March 21, 2003 Cookie disappeared, and was presumed to have been predated leaving Pookie as the sole survivor.


Whiskers Mob

Pookie Whiskers

Sookie Whiskers

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