Conrad(VLF067) was born in the Lazuli Mob on October 13, 2000. Her mother was dominant female Ziziphus and her father was dominant male Belgarion. She was born in a large litter of five pups: VLP063, (VLF064), Bukern, VLP065, and VLP066. Sadly VLP063, VLP065 and VLP066 were soon predated when the pups started foraging. Conrad and her sister Bukern were the only survivors and were Ziziphus' last litter. Two months later in December, Ziziphus died from disease and Haslam became the new dominant female, but later was overthrown by her sister Cazanna. In August 2001 a group of Vivian rovers joined the Lazuli with Basil taking dominance. Conrad survived her first year and started to take a more active role in the Lazuli. In November 2002 Conrad was evicted with her two older sisters Addis Ababa and Ouagadougou. The females were joined by two wild males and three of the Vivian males that were returning from roving. Instead of rejoining the Lazuli, the small group stayed together to form their own new mob.


The group was called Xhosa. The eldest of the males Zazu (of Vivian origins) first established dominance but was later ousted by Govinda. Conrad was the youngest of the females but she competed for dominance as well, however Quagadougou won. Quagadougou and Govinda soon produced their first litter. Their second litter first survived a burrow collapse because of a Gemsbok and was first abandoned. However  three Xhosa adults, one male and two females, returned for the pups and carried them away to only be joined by wild males. Addis Ababa and former dominant male Zazu disappeared in April 2003. Conrad later disappeared on July 8, 2003.


Lazuli Mob

Xhosa Mob

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