Cleopatra Gosa

Cleopatra 'Cleo' Gosa

Yes, of the Gosa
Date of Birth
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Possibly Hutch, Matimba, Priscilla, And Xena, Punk, Flo, Daisy, Zeus and four unnamed pups
Known For
First and only known dominant female of the Gosa
Also Known As

Cleopatra, also called Cleo for short, was First Seen as the Dominant Female of the Gosa Mob. Little is known about her past. When she was discovered, Cleopatra was a stong but not very productive leader. The four youngest Gosa meerkats were thought to be her children, and a subrodinate female named Delilah was believed to be Cleo's younger sister. Cleopatra gave birth to a litter in early 2012. Sadly, she abandoned them immediately afterwards, suggesting that they had been still-born. In May 2012, Delilah gave birth to her first known litter of pups, but Cleopatra instigated a burrow move resulting in Delilah's pups being abandoned. In her distress, Delilah made the groups split up. Cleo's half encountered a cape cobra and Cleo was bitten. During that time Delilah's mob rejoined the rest of the Gosa, but Delilah made no attempt to overthrow her weakened older sister. Cleopatra recovered from her snake bite. In July 2012 Cleo's partner Gandalf went missing one after searching for two males that had been separated from the gang. The two lost males rejoined the group, but Gandalf wasn't seen again. One of the young males named Starsky, possibly Cleopatra's son, established domiance but only for a month. A wild male named Malaki joined the group and became the new dominant male beside Cleopatra in August 2012. The following month Cleopatra became pregnant and the Gosa went missing. The group was not seen throughout most of September but were relocated in early October. Cleopatra gave birth to a litter of four pups, two of the pups were Xena and Punk. One of the pups was sadly killed by a monitor lizard. Cleopatra became pregnant again in Decmber 2012. In Janaury 2013 Cleopatra gave birth to litter of five pups, sadly two of the pups went missing. Cleopatra is still alive today as the dominant female of the Gosa Mob.


Gosa Mob

Gandalf Gosa

Kalahari Meerkats

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