Claptastic(VBBF026) was born into the Baobab Mob in February 22, 2009. Her mother was Cruise and her father was either Donatello or Michalangelo. She was born into a litter of three with Herpasaurus(VBBF027), Crusty(VBBM025) and VBBP024. Their mother was no longer the dominant female of the Baobab, so they were at risk of being killed or abandon by the mob. The dominant female at the time was Hawkeye however she had just aborted her litter. With no pups of her own, she allowed the subordinate litter to remained in the Baobab.  The pups emerged in late March. However VBBP024 disappeared in April 2009. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. In March 2010, Claptastic was evicted along with an older cousin Kiango and her older sisters Snap, Pop and Coco. Claptastic and the rest of the females dispersed from the group were Last Seen in March 2010.


Baobab Mob

Cruise Whiskers

Herpasaurus Baobab

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