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Clan of the Meerkat is a National Geographic Wild wildlife documentary that aired in 2010- November in Australia and December in the UK. The program runs for 60 minutes. Currently, it is not available on DVD. It is not to be confused with a similarly-titled documentary called Clan of the Meerkats, also known as Meerkats 3D.


Clan of the Meerkat looks into the close-knit lives of a meerkat family of five living in the hostile Namib Desert in Africa, west of the better-known Kalahari Desert. Here the family, after losing many of its members to predators the previous year, must rely on co-operation in order to survive and raise their precious pups. Together they face jackals, birds of prey, snakes, and the harsh climate of their unforgiving environment.



The Clan

The meerkats featured in this documentary include:

  • Maki - The dominant female of the clan.
  • Bruce - The dominant male and Maki's mate.
  • Chlorice - Maki's sister and contender for dominant female.
  • Bill - Maki and Bruce's son.
  • Ted - Maki and Bruce's son.
  • Lily - Maki and Bruce's daughter, who sadly dies
  • Joe - Maki and Bruce's son.
  • Jack - Maki and Bruce's son.



About Meerkats

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