Christiana Lazuli


Formerly of the Lazuli
Date of Birth
January 4, 2008
Date of Death
March, 2014
Cause of Death
Complications during birth
Young and Unknown
Fran the Wo-Man, Flammkuchen, Pip, Fran the Man, Sinbad, VLM203, VLF204 and VLF205
Known For
Seventh Dominant Female of the Lazuli
Also Known As
Young's Daughter

Christiana(VLF134) was born on 4 January 2008 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Young and her father was Homestar Runner, a roving male from Young Ones. Her litter-mates included her one sister Calvinia(VLF133) and two brothers Lutzputz(VLM132) and Prieska(VLM131). When Christiana was five months old the dominant female Aretha died and Young became the dominant female. A month later, five Whiskers males immigrated into the group, and Wollow quickly took dominance. Christiana and her siblings survived to adulthood. In June both Christiana and her sister Calvinia became pregnant, but both aborted. In October 2009 Christiana's brothers Prieska and Lutzputz left the group and were Last Seen. In November 2009 Christiana was evicted from the group. She fell pregnant a month later and appeared back at the group, but could not rejoin. She gave birth in January 2010 but her litter was lost. Christiana eventually rejoined the group. In March 2010 she was pregnant again, but she aborted her litter. In early 2011 she tried to reproduce again, but she was unsuccessful. Finally in May 2011 Christiana and Toppen gave birth to a mixed litter of pups which included Fran The Wo-Man, FlammkuchenPipFran The Man and Sinbad. Young allowed the pups to live, but lost her own litter probably to Christiana. Later that year, Christiana was pregnant again but aborted in October 2011. In December 2011 she was evicted again, but managed to rejoin the group. In October and November 2012 Christiana was evicted twice, along with several other females. By the end of the year she had returned to the group. In January 2013 Christiana was evicted again, but made it back into the group only to be evicted in February. Her mother Young sadly died soon after and Christana took dominance when she rejoined the group. In June 2013, Christiana became pregnant for the first time since becoming the Lazuli's dominant female. It is unknown if she mated with Rufus or a rover. Christiana gave birth in August to VLM203, VLF204, VLF205, and Alan Johnson's Beamer. Sadly two of her pups were predated in September and her last pup was predated in October. That same month a group of new males, one from Baobab and rest from wild mobs, joined the Lazuli after the several of the natal-males took to roving. By November, male dominance was still unclear. Christiana started to show signs of being pregnant. She gave birth to an unknown number of pups in December 2013, but it is unknown as to what happened to them. Sadly, Christiana passed away in March 2014 due to complications while giving birth. She had only been the Lazuli's domintant female for about a year. Her niece, JubJub Bird took dominance in her place.
Christiana DF

Christiana Uncollared



Christiana on March 17, 2014

First litter born in May 2011, mixed litter with Toppen

Fran The Wo-Man (VLF184) Last seen in November 2015, he was a member of the Nematoads and Xhodes.

Flammkuchen (VLM185) Disappeared in July 2013.

Pip(VLM186) Last Seen in November 2013, former member of Zulus.

Fran The Man (VLM187) Deceased, predated in June 2011.

Sinbad (VLM188) Last Seen in October 2013.


Christiana and a Lazuli member in March 2014.

Second litter born in August 2013, fathered by an unknown male

VLM203, Predated in September 2013.

VLF204  Predated in September 2013.

VLP205, Predated in October 2013.

Alan Jonson s Beamer (VLF206) Still Alive, Dominant Female of the Hakuna Matata Mob

Third litter born in December 2013, fathered by an unknown male

Unknown number of pups, lost in December 2013?


Lazuli Mob

Calvinia Lazuli

Young Lazuli