Chorley Frisky(VFF125)


was born into the Frisky Mob on October 22, 2005. Her parents were Frascati and The Dude, who were the dominant pair at the time. Her litter-mates were Rave On(VFF122), Clinton Baptiste(VFM123), Holy Mary(VFM124) and Kenny Snr.(VFM126). Chorley survived to her first birthday and started helping out around the mob with babysitting and sentry post. She soon started to be evicted. In October 2007, Clinton Baptiste and Fable, left the group. Fable became the new dominant male of the Rascals Mob, while, Clinton Baptiste joined a few other meerkats and founded the Kung Fu Mob, where he became dominant male. In December, the new dominant female Bootle was pregnant and evicted Chorley and Rave On. Both females were Last Seen within that month.


Frisky Mob

Rave On Frisky

Clinton Baptiste Frisky

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