Chil Sung(VEM141) was born in the Elveera Mob on February 2, 2009. His mother was Chibuku Scud, and his litter-mates where Kumba(VE?140) and Cuzco(VEM142). Their mother was a subordinate female at the time, but the dominant female Jo Jo Hello allowed the pups to survive. In the June of 2009, Jo Jo Hello died of disease and Chibuku Scub became the new dominant female. Sadly, she died in the August of 2009 and all the other Elveera meerkats split and disappeared. Chil Sung was Last Seen in August 2009.


Elveera Mob

Chibuku Scud Elveera

Kumba Elveera

Cuzco Elveera

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