Chibuku Scrud

Chibuku Scud in 2008


Chibuku Scud(VEF120) was born on March 19, 2006 in the Elveera Mob. Her mother was Jo Jo Hello and her father was Habusu. She had two litter-mates, one sister named Kangela(VEF119) and one brother named Gijima(VEM118). Since they were the dominant female's pups, she and her two litter-mates were well looked after. The three pups survived their first few months. Jo Jo Hello gave birth to Mr. Scruff and Scrawny on August 12, 2006. She was no long the center of attention at the Elveera but she was old enough to take care of herself. She and her brother and sister were five months old by then. They were still too young to help care for the new pups. She and her two litter-mates survived to adulthood. She lived the life of a subordinate female when she grew up, helping to raise her mother's continueous litters of pups. She mated with a rover, possibly Axel, and got pregnant. Her sister Kangela also got pregnant after mating with another rover. Kangela lost her litter to her sister. Chibuku Scud gave birth to Lena, Keito and Togo on September 19, 2008. They were her first litter ever. She mated with another rover, possibly Rhogan Josh, and got pregnant again along with her sister Kangela and her mother Jo Jo Hello. She gave birth to Kumba, Chil Sung and Cuzco on February 2009. Her sister and mother lost their litters, Kangela soon disappeared after being evicted. Around mid 2009 Jo Jo Hello with some of the other meerkats within the group, showed signs of disease. Jo Jo Hello died from Tuberculosis in June 2009. Chibuku Scud was the eldest female still in the group and so she took over the role of dominant female of the Elveera. Habusu had disappeared so Chibuku Scud's uncle Teabag became the dominant male along side her. She lead the group for three month then contracted TB. The Elveera soon splintered leaving Chibuku Scud with Teabag, Vidy and Mika. On August 2009, unfortunately, they all died due to TB. The splinter groups were never found and the Elveera was lost.


Mother: Jo Jo Hello.

Father: Habusu.

Sister: Kangela.

Brother: Gijima.

Daughter: Lena.

Sons: Keito, Togo, Cuzco and Chil Sung.

Offspring of unknown gender: Kumba.


Elveera Mob

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

Habusu Young Ones

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