was born into the Aztecs Mob in August 2, 2011. Her mother was the dominant female Monkulus and her father was an unknown male. Cheddar was born into a litter of four, her litter-mates were VAZP039, Wendsleydale(VAZP041) and Babybelle(VAZP042). VAZP093 went missing in September 2011 and was assumed predated. Sadly, the next month, Wensleydale and Babybelle were both predated, leaving Cheddar as the last survivor of her litter. In March, 2012, Monkulus and two subordinates gave birth to a mixed litter, including a pup called Wensleydale II, named after Cheddar's lost sibling. However, Wensleydale II was unfortunately killed two months later. Cheddar reached her first birthday in August 2012. In October after a group split a group of Sequoia males joined the Aztecs. A few days later Monkulus' allowed some females she had evicted back into the group. A day later Monkulus was overthrown by Kathleen and was evicted with two other females. Then in November the Aztecs splintered again, Cheddar was with the splinter this time.


The splinter group met up with Monkulus and some evicted females to form the Mayans. Being one of the younger females, Chedder did not compete for dominance, however during the uncertaincy of dominance, Cheddar mated with either a rover or one of the Sequoia males and became pregnant for the first time. She wasn't alone, her sisters Zelda, Cinnamon and Santa were also pregnant. Despite being pregnant, Chedder went roving like a male meerkat. In Janaury 2013, Zelda aborted and Santa and Cinnamon lost there litters probably to Chedder. She was able to carry her litter to full term and gave birth in Janaury 2013. However the dominant female Turkey was pregnant by then and probably killed or abandon Chedder's litter. Chedder avoided evictioned and helped out with the new pups. However she started to show signs of disease and by March 2013, Chedder succumbed to TB.


Aztecs Mob

Mayans Mob

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