Chaka Aztecs

Chaka Aztecs VAZM010

Date of Birth
November 6, 2008
Date of Death
March 13, 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Monkulus Whiskers and Unknown
Known For
Son of Monkulus
Also Known As
Mating with dominant female RU


Chaka(VAZM010) was born on November 6, 2008 in the Aztecs Mob. His litter-mates were Lola(VAZF009) and Proteus(VAZF011). His mother was Monkulus and his father was an unknown rover. All three pups surived their first year. After reaching maturity Chaka began to go roving. His sister Proteus became pregnant but lost her litter in Janaury 2010. In August there was a group split, Proteus and Lola were in the splinter group and were absent while Chaka remained in the main group. The following month all the missing meerkats rejoined the group and Chaka was re-united with his sisters. His sisters Lola and Proteus were evicted in 2010 and left the group. Later, in March 2011, the dominant male Zaphod died. Chaka's older brother Moliere became the next dominant male. Chaka stayed in the Aztecs for another year, but spent much of his time roving. In June 2012 he went roving with his older brother Dali.



Rover Chaka

The two males joined the Sequoia.The Sequoia had suffered a massive group split, leaving only three meerkats left. The dominant female had disappared leaving RU as the new dominant female. Dali took over as a new dominant male. Chaka didn't stay for very long. A month later, many natel males rejoined the group, kicking out Dail and Chaka. The two brothers returned to the Aztecs. Dail quickly resumed roving and eventually left the group, leaving Chaka as the oldest subordnate male in the Aztecs. In October 2012 the Aztecs were split in two again. The split became permanent and the other half was named the Mayans. Chaka remained in the original Aztecs group, but continued to go roving. In November 2012 he finally left the Aztecs for good.


Chaka joined the Nequoia, where his brothers Dail and Cameron had joined four months earlier. Chaka was accepted into the group and once again willingly took a subordinante role under Dail. Chaka and his brother Cameron continued to go roving. In 2013 Chaka went missing after roving and disappeared. He was considered Last Seen in March 2013.  


Aztecs Mob

Sequoia Mob

Nequoia Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

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