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Dikkop JaXX

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Dikkop JaXX
Formerly of the Cave Men
Franz, Rufio and Snowy

Dikkop(VJXF008) was born in the JaXX Mob on August 13, 2008. Her mother and father were the dominant pair of the JaXX, Diana and Vince. She was born with one sister VJXF007 and two brothers named Kori and Korhaan. Sadly her sister was predated but she and her two brothers survived their first year. Dikkop remained in the JaXX for three years and became the oldest subordinate female. She was often evicted, and it wasn't long before she dispersed from the group with two other females when they met up with three rovers from the Lazuli in October 2011. Dikkop established dominance but the other two JaXX females returned to the JaXX leaving Dikkop as the only adult females in the group. One of the males named Franz became the dominant male. Then a juvenile male name Pet joined the group from a nearby mob of meerkat pets. Unfortantely, Dikkop's first litter of four pups were soon predated. Franz disappeared and was assumed predated and his younger brother Rufio became the new mate of Dikkop. Then three new Lazuli meerlats joined the group but two rejoined to the Lazuli. Dikkop produced another litter but all four pups were predated within the next following months. Dikkop had been the dominant female of the Cave Member for a year and a half when she became sick and disappeared in early 2013. She was not seen for a month and when she failed to return, she was assumed to be dead. The Cave Men were left with just four males, the dominant male Snowy, Rufio, Brea and Pet. With no females left in the mob, the Cave Men were lost when the males took to roving.

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