Cameron(VAZM019) was born in the Aztecs Mob on December 16, 2009. His mother was the dominant female
Camron Aztecs

Cameron in April 2010

Monkulus, and his father was an unknown roving male. His three litter-mates were his one brother Gerald Durrell(VAZM021) and two sisters Mollie(VAZF020) and Kathleen(VAZF018). The pups survived their first few weeks. They started to foraged with the adults. In March, Monkulus gave birth to a new litter of pups making Cameron and his litter-mates big siblings. They aren't the pups of the Aztecs any more. All four pups survived to their first year. Monkulus started to evicted females and the males started to rove. Kathleen and Mollie managed to stay within the group while Cameron and Gerald Durrell started to rove with the other males. In June 2011, Mollie left the group along with two other females and formed the Pandora Mob. The following month Kathleen and another female were evicted and join the Pandora mob. That same month Cameron's litter-mate brother Gerald Durrel died leaving Cameron as the last of their litter still in the Aztecs. However sometime with in the next month Kathleen and Zelda wre evicted from the Pandora and rejoin the Aztecs Mollie remained in the Pandora. Cameron stayed in the Aztecs for another year till in July 2012, he went roving with his older brother Dali.


The two males went roving at the nearby Nequoia Mob. The males were away roving so the two Aztecs joined the group. Dali was older and easily became the dominant male. Cameron made no effort to take dominance. A few months later Cameron's older brother Chaka joined the group. He sadly died of TB in December along with a Nequoia female named Luna


Mother: Monkulus

Father: Unknown

Brother: Gerald Durrell

Sisters: Mollie and Kathleen


Aztecs Mob

Nequoia Mob

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