Calvinia Lazuli


Date of Birth
January 4, 2008
Date of Death
February 2010
Cause of Death
No information
Young and unknown
Known For
Young's daughter
Also Known As
Christiana's sister

Calvinia(VLF133) was born on January 4, 2008 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Young and her father was  an unknown male. She had three litter-mates, a sister named Christiana(VLF134) and two brothers named Prieska(VLF131) and Lutzputz(VLF132). When Calvinia was 5fivemonths old, Aretha, the dominant female, died leaving Young as the new dominant female. A month later, five Whiskers males took join the group, and Wollow took dominance next to Young. Calvinia and her litter all survive to adulthood. In November Calvinia aborted her first litter, however she was evicted. In Janaury 2009 Calvinia and Caroline were pregnant, possibly after having mated with the males who would later join the Sequoia. However both females lost their litters in Febaury. Yet again Calvinia wasn't evicted. Calvinia and Christiana both mated with Baobab males, and became pregnant, but both females had a miscarrage in June. Calvinia and her sister quickly became pregnant again in August possibly after mating with some Whisker males. On September 24, 2009 she gave birth One Eyed Wilma, O'Toolie, Shallot and Sossusvlei. Young had also given birth to a litter however she made no attempt to kill the subordinate litter and Calvinia was allowed to keep her litter. Then in October, Axel, Prieska and Lutzputz all left the group and team up with a Toyota female named Stop it and a wild meerkat to form their own short-lived group. A month later in November Calvinia was evicted along with Christiana and three of her younger sisters. In December her sister Christiana lost her litter and Calvinia became pregnant again along with Young and Hen. Calvina lost her litters when Young and Hen gave birth to a mixed litter in Febaury 2010. Calvinia was evicted and disappeared without a trace. Calvinia was considered Last Seen by Febaury 2010.




Mother: Young

Father: Unknown

Sister: Christiana

Brothers: Prieska and Lutzputz

Mates: Unknown

Daughters: birth One Eyed Wilma, O'Toolie, Shallot and Sossusvlei


Lazuli Mob

Young Lazuli

Christina Lazuli

Lutzputz Lazuli

Prieska Lazuli

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