Caleb(VLM177), formerly named T. Burger
Caleb close up


was born in November 2010 in the Lazuli. His mother was the dominant female Young and his father was Rufus, the dominant male. Caleb was born with two litter-mate brothers named Dis-Grace(VLM175) and Jimp(VLM176). They were the first litter fathered by Rufus, who had overthrown the former dominant male Wollow in February 2010. Caleb and his two brothers survived to adulthood. Nearly three years later in September 2013, Caleb left the Lazuli along with several of his older male relatives.

Zulus Mob

Caleb and the other rovers joined the Zulus Mob. All of the males competed for the position of dominant male, but Caleb remained a subordinate male and a regular rover during his stay. In July 2015 Caleb, Dis-Grace, Gobolino, Flammkuchen and Laurentina left the Zulus to form a subgroup called Tulus. All of the males except for Caleb returned to Zulus, leaving just the two members behind. Laurentina was pregnant at the time and gave birth in September 2015. Sadly she disappeared after that and was predated two weeks later. What became of her pups is unknown. Caleb returned to Zulus by the end of the month. In February 2016 Caleb of the Zulus group, there is no information if you joined another group.


Lazuli Mob

Zulus Mob