Van Helsing

Cacahuéte Le Deuxiéme(VVHM101) was born into a mixed litter of five into the Van Helsing in April 2016. His one sister was VVHF100 and his three brothers were Fatboy(VVHM102), Le Grand Obstaclé(VVHM103), and Irn-Bru ll(VVHM104). His possible mothers were Theo and Dolly. Cacahuéte and his siblings were allowed to live because the dominant female Egg had lost her litter. In May 2016 Theo was last seen and in July, Dolly was also last seen meaning both of his possible mothers were gone. In October 2016 Cacahuéte's brother Irn-Bru ll and older male Heroe left the group and were last seen. In January 2017 Cacahuéte went roving for the first time and was absent. He returned next month but not to the Van Helsing.


Cacahuéte reappeared in a new group close to the Van Helsing, the TB-or-not-TB. He stayed in the group but still continued to rove. In May 2017, dominant male K-Quob died. Cacahuéte did not rove that month and may have taken dominance, though, two wild males emigrated that same month. He continued to rove until September when he was euthanized due to TB.