Bungle(VYM136) was born on April 1, 2006, in the Young Ones. His mother was Tequila. His litter-mates were Shady(VYM134) and Weena(VYM135). All the pups suvrived. In August,Tequila got evcited with another female. Shady followed his mother. They formed he PQ mob with three Lazuli males. One of the males was JD, who took dominance. The PQ was lost and Shady left with JD and Shoy and formed the Starsky with four evicted Whiskers females. Tequlia later joined the Balrog mob. Bungle and his brother both died of TB in mid-2007.


Mother: Tequila

Father: Unknown Rover

Brothers: Shady and Weena

Gandmother: Veda

Gandfather: Zaphod


Young Ones Mob

Tequila Young Ones

Shady Young Ones

Weena Young Ones

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