Brufola(VGGF020) was born on November 11 2004 in the Gattaca. Her mother was Risca and her father was Izit. She was born in a litter of four with two brothers named Nannolo(VGGM021) and Pisolo(VGGF022) and one sister named Pustola(VGGM023). Their brith was the spark for the formation of the Commandos, formed by Brufola evicted sisters when Risca was pregnant with her litter. Brufola's parents were the dominant pair at the time so the Gattaca put all their attention on the survival of the pups. All four pups survived through their first year. In 2006 Brufola mated with an unknown rover maybe from Gattac's rivals the Vivian or Balrog or a wild male. She got pregnant and gave birth on April 16, 2006 to Scary Mary, Benwyn and Oujamaflip. Risca had no pups of her own, she was very unproducive, and the Gattaca were low in numbers so she allowed Brufola to keep her litter. Sadly her father Izit died of disease in July 2006 leaving the Gattaca without a dominant male. In October Nannolo disappared and a Balrog male named Basta joined the group and became the dominant male. However in the following month, a group of Vivian males joined the Gattaca and kicked out Basta. Risca got pregnant after mating with Hannibal and evicted Brufola along with her half sister Gringo. The two females were Last Seen in December 2006. All three of her children disappared or died in 2007.


Gattaca Mob

Risca Whiskers

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