Browneyes was a wild meerkat from South Africa's Addo National Park. She
Brown Eyes looking

Browneyes Addo

became famous when her family, the Addo Mob, were selected to be featured in the 1996 documentary, Meerkats Divided. Given how long ago it was filmed, Browneyes is presumed to be deceased. It is unknown who her parents were, when her birthday was or what her fate was.

Meerkats Divided

Browneyes was seen as the dominant female of her gang. When she was mentioned, Browneyes was heavily pregnant and had subordinate females
Meerkats Divided - Browneyes Addo

On Meerkats Divided

grovelling at her feet. She was considered "the Queen" of the group, as she was an experienced leader with a vicious attitude. Early in the documentary, Browneyes gave birth to a healthy litter of pups but had to move them to a higher-ground burrow to avoid a potentially fatal flood. The next day, while the family were resting, Browneyes snuck away to mate with roving male, Bandit. Later on, her partner Enkozi failed to return from scent-marking duties. Browneyes called out for him, until he finally reappeared, injured, but alive.


Enkozi Addo

Meerkats Divided

Bandit the Meerkat

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