Brock(VLF044) was born in the Lazuli Mob on August 13, 1999, on Tim Clutton Brock's birthday. Her mother was the dominant female Ziziphus, and her father was the dominant male Belgarion. She had one litter-mate brother named Clutton(VLM045). The two pups were Ziziphus'd second to last litter. She gave birth to one more litter in October, two months after Brock was born. Then in December Ziziphus died and Haslam became the new dominant female. Brock's father Balgarion remained the dominant male, but started to rove. He later died in uly 2001 from disease. Soon after all the most of the adult males left the group and following this two Elveera males joined the group, Raul became the dominant male. A month later a group of Vivian males joined and Cazanna overthrew Haslam and evicted her. The Vivian males first kicked out the Elveera males before driving out the last of the adult Lazuli males, including Brock's litter-mate brother Clutton, who disappeared on August 16, 2001 with several other Lazuli males. Brock stayed in the Lazuli and started to help out with babysitting and soon started to be evicted by Cazanna. She remained in the group till she was evicted, and was Last Seen on June 7, 2005.


Lazuli Mob

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