Brain the Snail(VZZM026) was born on January 13, 2004 in the Zappa. His mother was dominant female Bettik and his father was most likely Mack who was the dominant male at the time. His siblings were Dougal(VZZM025), Zebredy(VZZF0??), Ermintrude(VZZF0??) and Dylan(VZZM0??). Brian the Snail had a short life. In April 2004 he was predated, along with his sister Zebredy. Not long afterwards, in July 2004, Brian the Snail's brother Dylan was also predated. Brian the Snail's sister Ermintrude eventually had two successful litters, but she sadly died in March 2006. Brian the Snail's last remaining littermate, Dougal, lived to become the dominant male of the Zappa, but was Last Seen in January 2007.


Zappa Mob

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