Brangy(VRRM158) was born in September 2012 in the Rascals. He was the son of the dominant pair at the time Sancerre and Grus. His litter-mates consided of VRRM154, Hush (VRRM155), Mouth(VRRM156), VRRF157. A mouth following the birth of the litter, dominant male Grus was lost to disease. Brangy's uncle Crux assumed natal dominance for the time being. Their mother Sancerre had been pregnant and gave birth, but the litter sadly was lost. This made Brangy's litter the last fathered by Grus. Brangy and his four litter-mates survived their few months but VRRM154 and VRRF157 were lost. Brangy, Hush and Mouth made it to five mouths old however Hush disappeared in Janaury 2013. Sancerre nor any of the adult females could produce a litter making Brangy and his sister Mouth the youngest and main focus of the group. The Rascals began to dwindle in numbers with many members leaving the group or disappearing. In July 2013 Brangy apparently went roving and disappeared; he was considered Last Seen within the following month, leaving Mouth as the sole survivor of the litter. 


Rascals Mob

Grus Rascals

Mouth Rascals

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