Brandy(VZZF002) was born in the Zappa on January 19, 2001. Her mother was Bettik and her father was Mack. Her litter-mates were Gin(VZZ?003) and Whisky(VZZ?004). They were the first born litter ever in the Zappa. The Zappa mob was young and small considing of only a handful of members. Depsite this the pups survived through their first year. Gin and Whisky would remain in the Zappa for about a year after this. They both left in late 2003. Brandy remained in the mob for around two and a half years before she was evicted by her mother along with her two younger sisters Seo Mi Ti and Taphin. The females were then joined by a juvenile and a Young Ones male named Ousik. Soon after a wild male joined the four meerkats and instead of rejoined the Zappa, Brandy and the others started their own mob. 


The smalled group set the foundation for the the Jackals. Brandy was the oldest females so she might have taken dominance. The wild male named Dizzy Rascal became the dominant male being the only adult male in the group. The Jackals soon produced a litter, most probably Brandy's. However Brandy died on December 7, 2004 of disease. Either Seo Mi Ti or Taphin took dominance after her, however the group only last a year and were lost after Dizzy Rascal and Ousik were hit by a car on the main road in June 2005.


Zappa Mob

Jackals Mob

Bettik Elveera

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